here some pictures for the catwalk we made for Letituer New Brand

Aphrodite Models is a new Model Agency in-world, now we are working with a different way to announce your works..
let me show how:
we have models, and if we promote an event, we call all the models to participate, a good way to publish your work, if you want the agency to publish your work, here some options:
A Catwalk
A Showcase

Catwalk is a in-world event, you show us the items, and choose how much models you want for the show.
each models has one Book with 10 Photos... you can choose the best model.
give to her the items... and pay the price for the event. (I Cant post the price here)

Showcase: if you want show your items in blogs... you need to give us your items you want, and info
of the items...(I Cant post the price here)

How to become a model?
its very easy, contact Kiria Travesty...
you pay for a course, and for a book, its one pack price.

Aphrodite Models!

Janie Acoustic
Aphrodite Models Photographer